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About Us - Smart Notification Expert
Mobile Action was founded by a group of mobile phone lovers who are determined to make mobile life a better living experience in 1999. When we first started, we focused mainly on the development of computer software for mobile phone management. Before smartphone made its debut, editing contacts, calendar events, ringtones or home screen was not easy and quite time-consuming back in the days.In view of this, Mobile Action launched Handset Manager, the very solution that fulfilled consumers’ need for mobile application. Through cooperation with various mobile phone manufacturers, we’ve made Handset Manager one of the major OEM solutions, and accumulated many know-how of mobile communication protocols along the way.As functional mobile phones declined from the market, the need for mobile management solution also faded away. There was a time when we were a bit vast and hazy, searching for the right product to carry on our core technology
In 2013, the climbing demand for health wristband has caught our eyes, and our know-how can be perfectly utilized on transmitting health and fitness data between the wristband and mobile phones, although functions might seem quite limited.Consequently, it got us thinking that a wristband can also serve a smart living style if it could display information from the smartphone in real time, like incoming calls, test messages, etc. to avoid missing out any important notification or events, even when you’re in a noisy surrounding or your phone is buried in the deepest bottom of your purse.Transforming a health/fitness wristband into a smart wristband device is our specialty and what we do at Mobile Action. We’ve devoted our best into the research and development of Q-Band – a smart wristband device for health and fitness management. In 2014, we launched the first generation Q-Band – Q-60, a smart wristband device featuring smart alerts. By advancing the product’s performance, Q-Band has reached its 4th generation – Q-68HR.We’re the pioneer who infused the health wristband with such revolutionary creativit; even though many competitors have started to add in such function to the health wristband, our product still outperform many others with the most complete notification functionality, and we’re proud to consider ourselves one of the experts in smart device development. All of this was rooted from our concerns about making smartphone a better life experience for consumers, which is also the core value that we stand by here at Mobile Action.

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