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GT-600B wireless GPS logger is specially designed to geotrack mobile assets, birds, livestock or mammals. Perfect for human mobility study, animal behavior or wildlife research.
Reliable geographic information can be used further for decision-making or policy development.

★ Manage multiple connected devices remotely.
Convenient for field research.

★ Multi-purpose GPS tracking without recurring fee.
No SIM or satellite communication costs.  No subscription cost.

★ Simple solution to know where/how your car has been used on a small budget. All data saved in the logger.
No dependence on the website or tracking service.

Hardware Feature

  • Compact, Lightweight, Ultra Power-Efficient for long term operation.
  • Fast Accurate GPS fix performance.
  • Stand alone water-resistant GPS logger gives you great flexibility to choose where to deploy the device.
  • Flexible settings for LED, button control, motion sensor, GPS and wireless transmission power.
  • Programmable GPS logging and wireless data transmit schedule.
  • Smart tracking according to speed.
  • Over the Air Firmware upgrade.
  • Broadcast last GPS location.
  • Enable password check to protect data from unauthorized downloads.
  • Support Power triggered auto-logging. Cable replaceable for easy deployment. No cable length limits.
  • GPS/GNSS Receiver for Navigation and Location based service.
  • Automatic track logging upon detecting movement; auto sleep when staying motionless.


Software Strength

  • Software for PC, iPhone & Android
  • Configure devices in bulk with settings templates.
  • Configure / Download / Firmware upgrade wirelessly via iphone/Android or through USB connection with PC.
  • Export GPX/CSV. Transfer easily through email, AirDrop/Nearby Share, social app…etc.
  • Device list with battery and memory status in the app
  • Scan & Show all devices within range on the map. Find device: get directions & distance from the last location.
  • Document travel history, Measure distances, and Track movement of flocks with group play on PC.


Mobile App

Convenient for field research. Simply bring a mobile phone with you!
Manage multiple connected devices remotely and easily.



  • Battery, memory, connection status
  • Smart & flexible settings
  • Password protected
  • Enable GPS & broadcast upon weekly schedule
  • Scan & Show devices within range on map
  • Find device, get directions & distance from last location
  • Download wirelessly & check data
  • Transfer CSV/GPX via mobile Internet



★ Kind reminder for charging multiple devices ★
We suggest each DC 5V-2A USB power adapter does not charge more than 4 devices a time and charging through USB hub is not recommended.
Please choose qualified power adapter that can protect your devices from over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, over charge, short circuit and so on.

GPS Logger product Comparison

Software Download & Compatibility



Windows: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
Android App: Android 7 and above
iOS App: iOS 12 and above