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Mobile APP

Smart Notification

Q-Band/Q-Watch keeps you notified with any incoming calls, messages from social messengers, calendar events, Facebook posts, and many other Apps at all times.

Incoming Calls
Other APPs

Family Member Care

Remote Care

You can remote care your family member's health data such as activity log, sleep quality, weight record, resting heart rate, deep sleep heart rate and instant heart rate.

Multiple Care

You will be able to remote care many of your family member at the same time.

Query Location

Through i-CareU Life APP you will be able to query your family member's location.

Anomaly Alerts

You can set up the Anomaly Alert items, i-CareU Life will notice you while the health data is abnormal.


Steps Detail

Keeps your activity routines monitored, including time of activity and how long you’ve been sedentary via details of steps every 10 minutes, to further improve your daily habits.

Sleep Tracking

Analyzes the the time of your deep sleep stage, light sleep stage, and review long-term sleep tendancy.

Low Activity Alert

Configures alerts to remind you when you become sedentary, and notifies you to get up when you remain sedentary over the time configured.

Weight Management

Records your weight in order to calculate your BMI.



Inspects your daily steps, calories and completion percentage of goal. You can customize the dashboard with desired pattern.

Silent Alarm

Awake you via soundless vibration, allowing you to get up without a rush.

Events Reminder

Reminds you of any event in advance, helping you plan and prepare ahead in a healthy life.

Backup and Restore

Backs up data from i-gotU Life and restore it in a smartphone. Data is also transferrable between an Android phone and iPhone.


Sports Setting

Great variety of workout settings to satisfy your fitness hobby.

Sports Tracking

Tracks your workout routes and records workout data via GPS-enabled smartphone.

Heart Rate Chart

Records your heart rate change in every minute during workout.

Fitness Pals

Allows you to invite friends to join you in your workout plan, making workout even more fun and motivating. Share your ranking to FB/Twitter/WeChat.