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Design For You

image_12Special Design for You  
Remote Care

With i-CareU Life you will be able to care your remote family members who wear Q-Band/Q-Watch. They can share their health data such as activity log, sleep quality, weight record, resting heart rate, deep sleep heart rate and instant heart rate with you. With these data you can see whether your family members have a good sleep, whether they did regular exercise or felt uncomfortable yesterday (according to their activity log or abnormal rise of heart rate). It is good to make a call to care your family members base on their health data. i-CareU Life provides Anomaly Alert. You will receive notification base on your setting. In addition, you can use i-CareU Life to know your family members’ where-about.

SOS Panic Button

Q-Band/Q-Watch is built-in with SOS panic button. When you encounter an emergency or accidental fall you can quick tap Q-Band/Q-Watch touch button to start emergency SOS procedure. Q-Band/Q-Watch will wirelessly command i-gotU Life APP to launch emergency SOS procedure, send your location and help message to your emergency contacts via SMS, and then automatically calls them.

Low Activity Alert

Reminds you when you become sedentary without knowing it during worktime, and further alerts you to get up and move.

High Brightness OLED/TFT Display

Allows you to see the information shown on the wristband clearly during outdoor activities.

Wrist Gestures Display

Displays information shown on the wristband via gesture simulated.

Silent Alarm

Q-Band/Q-Watch awakes you from a long night sleep via soundless alarm vibration without a rush.

Disconnected Warning

Alerts you via vibration when your smatphone goes beyond the transmission range of the Q-Band/Q-Watch, making it impossible for you to forget about bringing your phone.

95% accuracy without mobile phone – GPS calibrated stride

As long as you've gone running with Q-Band/Q-Watch connected to your smartphone GPS more than 3 times, your steps, distance and speed can be calculated via an exclusive algorithm with high accuracy. Anytime you go for running afterwards without carrying your phone, Q-Band/Q-Watch can still measure your speed and distance with up to 95% accuracy, which outperforms other wristbands of only 70% accuracy in measurements due to the lack of automatic calibration functionality.