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Q-Watch Q-77HR


ICON_90i-gotU Life
Product Operation:
  • Q1: How to reset your Q-Watch Device?
    • 1. Please press and hold the button for 10 seconds. The Q-Watch will show the icon in the OLED display below.
      Note: If your Q-Watch does not show the icon, and get into the Sleep Mode. Please click the button again to wake up your Q-Band.

      2. When you see the disconnect icon shown on the Q-Watch, please click the button again to reset your device settings.

      3. After reset your Q-Watch, the it will clear the Bluetooth settings, so you have to pair and connect with it again. Please activate i-gotU Life app on your phone, then select “Settings” > “Setup New Device” > “No. Not first time” , and follow the Installation Wizard to establish the connect between Q-Watch and your phone.

      You also can refer to the video to reset your Q-Watch device: https://youtu.be/_qJadqgG1rk

  • Q2: Can I wear Q-Watch to swim or take a shower?
    • i-gotU Q-Watch is water resistance to IPX7 (IEC standard 60529), which means it is rain-proof, splash-proof, and sweat-proof. It CANNOT withstand the force associated with water jet and swimming strokes.

      Remove i-gotU Q-Watch before you engage the following activities:

      1. Showering or bathing: Pressurized or high velocity water jet may penetrate into the device. Thermal expansion/contraction would also be harmful to it.
      2. Swimming: At least to IPX8 water resistance or you cannot swim with it.
      3. Sauna or steam room: i-gotU Q-Watch operates at -10°C~+50°C. High temperature and steam may cause damage the device.

      Whenever you get your Q-Watch wet, dry it thoroughly before putting it back on.

  • Q3: Explanation of Bluetooth diconnection between Q-Band / Q-Watch and phone
    • (1) The transmission range of Wi-Fi straight unobstructed is 100 meters. However, due to the specification of Low Energy, the transmission range of Bluetooth straight unobstructed is only 10 meters. It’s 10 times shorter. Same as the reason in the building, the transmission range of Wi-Fi is usually less than 100 meters. Moreover, due to human body block most radio waves, the distance of Bluetooth Wearable device would be change by the angle of mobile phone and body. And it is usually less than 10 meters.

      The actual test result demonstrated the transmission range of Q-Band / Q-Watch in the open and "straight unobstructed” environment can be reached around 20 meters. It is compliant with the Bluetooth specification. But if it was blocked by a wall or other obstacles (put it in a wallet, clothe and pant pocket, motorcycle glove compartment…etc.), or phone Bluetooth reception is poor, it will reduce the transmission distance, even disconnect.

      (2) For overcoming occasional disconnection, i-gotU Life App will constantly try to connect with Q-Band / Q-Watch after disconnecting. And Q-Band / Q-Watch will receiveDisconnection Alert when you exceed the receiving range. As long as you are close to your phone,, Q-Band/Q-Watch will be automatically connected. You do not need to connect manually, and it will not affect user’s notification with incoming calls, messages. Moreover, Disconnection Alert function is used to remind users for checking whether their phone is nearby. If you think Disconnection Alert will disturb you, we recommend you to disable the Disconnection Alert function.

      (3) There are two situations which might make the App cannot be reconnected after disconnection. One is that if you put your Q-Band/Q-Watch on the table and do not touch it, and after 30 seconds you took away your phone out of there, it will get into “Super Power Saving Mode”. At this time, Bluetooth of Q-Band/Q-Watch will disable automatically and unable to reconnect with App. You just move Q-Band/Q-Watch, Bluetooth of Q-Band/Q-Watch will enable immediately.
      Second is that when your Q-Band/Q-Watch disconnected with Android phone over 30 minutes (do not use it), the phone system might get into “Deep Sleep Mode” and then froze all Apps in executed. At this time, it will keep disconnecting until you unlock your phone screen or any incoming call/message makes phone screen unlocked, phone system would be thawed and started to connect

      (4) If your Q-Band/Q-Watch was connected occasionally or even disconnected completely , and it is not belong to above situation, please follow the procedures below:

      1. Please restart your phone.

      2. Reset your Q-Band/Q-Watch, please refer to the link below:

      (5) If you still have the same problem after doing above, please try another phone to test. If it's normal when you connect your Q-Band/Q-Watch with another phone, it might be due to the unstable Bluetooth connection of the original phone. You can try to restart the phone again or ask your phone manufacture for whether there is any new system upgrade solution to improve the unstable Bluetooth connection.

  • Q4: Why my Q-Watch always show ”Run APP to setup” after it failed to upgrade the firmware?
    • When you first time to install or upgrade the new firmware, phone Bluetooth disconnect suddenly or battery low might cause firmware upgrade failed.At this time, Q-Watch device will only show”Run APP to setup” (please see the photo below) due to the incomplete installation of firmware upgrade.

      ● First time install the Q-Watch device, please refer to the steps below:

      1. Restart your phone.

      2. Enable your phone Bluetooth setting, and remove the all paired devices.

      3. Update i-gotU Life app to the latest version, then open the i-gotU Life app and select "Yes,First time"; to connect Q-Watch device.

      4. If your Q-Watch device still cannot connect with your phone, please uninstall the i-gotU Life app, and reinstall the i-gotU Life,and then select "Yes, First time", then following the installation wizard to connect Q-Watch device.

      If you can access the App, please click the icon at top left corner: Home, > Settings > Change Device Language you need.Then i-gotU Life will download firmware again and install on Q-Watch. After changing language successfully, you can see the time display on your Q-Watch.

      ● Not first time, the i-gotU Life appeared "Failed to update device" when you activate firmware update manually:

      If i-gotU Life has appeared "Connected"; in the upper left corner of the software, please click [Home] > [Setup] > [Change Device Language],then select the same language to reinstall the device firmware.

      If i-gotU Life appeared "Disconnect"; in the upper left corner of the software, please click[Home] > [Setup] > [Setup New Device] to reinstall the device firmware.

      Note:If i-gotU Life cannot find theQ-Watch device, the Q-Watch device may be not Daily mode or Sports mode,please long press the Q-Watch device button 3 second, then release the button and press the button once again to switch the mode to Daily mode or Sports mode.

      After updated the firmware version, if the Q-Watch device still appear "Run APP to setup",please click [Home] > [Setup] > [Change Device Language], then select the same language to reinstall the device firmware.

  • Q5: Why there is no sleep record?
    • If you want to record your sleep data, you must switch to Sleep mode on your Q-Watch when you are going to sleep.
      There are two ways to switch your Q-Watch to Sleep mode:

      1. Manual Switch to Sleep mode:
      Please long press the button of Q-Watch for 3 seconds, it will show 4 modes.
      Please press the button to select “Sleep mode” (moon icon) and leave the button. After vibrating once, your Q-Watch will switch to Sleep mode.
      When you get up after, please switch your Q-Watch to Daily mode to stopping record sleep.

      2. Auto Sleep:
      If you have a regular sleep time, we recommend you to enable Device Auto Sleep function. You do not need to manually switch to Sleep mode.
      Please refer to the link below for more information:

      In "Sleep" mode, the Q-Watch will close the bluetooth connection. Until you switch to "Daily mode" and make the connection between smart phone and Q-Watch device,
      the sleeping pattern data will be downloaded from Q-Watch, and then i-gotU Life app will analysis your sleeping pattern.
      If you still have not see your sleeping pattern, please try to click the sync icon in the upper left corner of the software to download your Q-Watch device data.

  • Q6: How to set notification of incoming calls, SMS, E-Mail, or alerts from the social apps?
    • 1). Please click “Menu” of the i-gotU Life (on the left top), and then click “Notification”.

      2). When you get into the setting of “Notification”and enable this function, the Android phone will appear a tip to ask you to follow the procedure to enable Notification for i-gotU Life Service.
      If you are using iPhone, please skip to step4.

      3). Please click "OK" to enable Notification function, and follow the procedure to allow the Notification access Service.

      4). After you enable i-gotU Notification Service, please go back to the setting of Notification”.
      Select the programs that you need to be notified, and click “back” to go to the main display.

  • Q7: How to re-connect with Q-Watch when I change to another phone O.S?
  • Q8: How to turn on screen by gesture?
    • 1. Please click “Menu” of the i-gotU Life (on the left top), and then click “Settings” > enable “Turn on screen by gesture” under MORE DEVICE SETTINGS.
      After that, please click “Sync”  on the right top icon to sync the setting with your Q-Watch device.

      2. After raising your Q-Watch, you must reverse its screen to show the display (around 90 degree).
      If you are wearing on the left hand, please do reverse clockwise from outside to the front of your eyes after raising your left hand.
      You might refer to our video for the detail: https://youtu.be/RzBNafzjF8I

  • Q9: Why Q-Watch cannot connect with my phone?
    • 1. Please make sure the current mode of your Q-Watch. Only Daily and Sports mode can connect with your phone.
      The other mode will NOT connect: Sleep, Nap and charging mode.

      2. Please refer to the following steps to connect your Q-Watch device.

      Step1. Please go to Bluetooth setting on your phone, and clear all paired Bluetooth devices.
      (ex: Bluetooth Headset, Bluetooth Speaker, include Q-Watch), then restart your phone.

      Step2. Please reset the Q-Watch.
      Please refer to below link. http://global.mobileaction.com/support/sub-Q-77/F2-13.htm.
      Note: If your are using the iPhone and iOS version is 13 and above, please skip this step. 

      Step3. Run I gotU Life app, click the Life icon on upper left corner, select “Settings””Setup New Device””Yes, First time”,
      then follow the procedure on the screen to finish setup. Please refer to below link.

      Step4. After finishing the setting, the main screen on I gotU Life app will appear “Connected”.

  • Q10: How to backup and restore the i-gotU Life App data?
    • The Q-Band / Q-Watch device can keep the recording data for 7 days, please regularly sync and download your Q-Band / Q-Watch device record,
      and run Data Backup function to backup your data.
      When you changed phone or removed the i-gotU Life app, you might run the Restore function to recover your data.

      Please refer to the following steps to backup and restore your i-gotU Life App data:

      1. Please make sure Wi-Fi or 3G/4G network of your phone has been turned on.

      2. Please click “Menu” of the i-gotU Life (on the left top), and then click “Settings > Data Backup” into the Data Backup function.
      Please click "Backup" to upload your data to Google Drive or iCloud.
      Note: If your are using Android phone, the data will backup to Google Drive, if you are using iPhone, the data will backup to iCloud.

      3. The existing data will be covered. Please make sure and click "OK" button to backup your data.

      4. When you changed phone or removed the i-gotU Life app, you might run the restore function to recover your data.
      Please select the month that you want to revover, then click "Restore" button to recover your data.
      Note: The Google Drive data is only for Android phone, and the iCloud data is only for iPhone.

  • Q11: Why the i-gotU Life app appear Notification problem message?
    • A11:

      Due to some Android phones have added the performance adjusting program, even the i-gotU Life app has added to the [Notification access], it still pop up the message of Notification problem. Please refer to following steps to solve problem.


      Due to some Android phones have added the performance adjusting program, even the i-gotU Life app has added to the [Notification access], it still pop up the message of Notification problem. Please refer to following steps to solve problem.

      1. Please add the i-gotU Life app to [Auto start] list.

      2. Please lock your i-gotU Life app, if your smartphone has supported the lock app function.

      3. Please turn off the Battery Saving function. Battery saving function may force to close Bluetooth function or shut down the i-gotU Life app.

      4. Please open the i-gotU Life App, then go to [Notification] > [Custom App], check the i-gotU Life whether it has been selected.


  • Q12: Why my Q-Band / Q-Watch will still increase calories even when I don’t wear it?
    • We adopt BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) and plus the calories of extra activities to calculate the calories consumption. BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is according to the PROFILE that you wrote (Gender, Age, Height, and Weight).
      When you are not wearing, or not moving the Q-Band / Q-Watch, it will use BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) to calculate your calorie consumption. So you will see almost the same calorie consumption in the timeline of the Calorie chart.
      When you do some exercises, our program will calculate the calories according to the speed detected by the motion sensor in your Q-Band / Q-Watch.
      Generally speaking, the faster detection, the higher calories.

  • Q13: My iPhone has enabled the Notification function of i-gotU Life, but my Q-Watch device does not receive the message notification?
    • iOS device has been supported to disable the application message notification , so if your Q-Watch device does not receive the message notification via iPhone,
      please click “Settings” > “Notifications” on your iPhone, then select app and enable the “Allow Notifications” option.

  • Q14: Why Q-Watch cannot detect sleep pattern and quality automatically?
    • Sleep pattern and quality was detected by the vibration extent and frequency of Q-Watch. Then it will show the different phases according to the above detection: Awake, Light sleep, Deep sleep and REM (dreaming).

      If sleep status is just detected when Q-Watch is stationary or less movement, inaccuracy would be increased. So we let user to manually switch to sleep mode or set “Auto Sleep” function under setting of the App.

  • Q15: How to set Auto Sleep mode on your Q-Band / Q-Watch?
    • 1). Please click “Menu” of the i-gotU Life (on the left top), and then click “Settings > DEVICE AUTO SLEEP” to do the time setting.

      2). Please enable the DEVICE AUTO SLEEP function, then click Start Time” to set your sleep time and “click End Time to set your get up time”.
      After finishing the auto sleep setting, please click the Sync button on the upper right corner to sync the setting to your Q-Band /Q-Watch.
      The Q-Band / Q-Watch will automatically change to Sleep mode on your Start time, and change to Daily mode on your End Time.

  • Q16: What is the criteria of sleep pattern and quality?
    • After switching to “Sleep mode”, Q-Band / Q-Watch will be based on the level of shaking, frequency, and duration of time to determine what is awake, light sleep, deep sleep or REM.
      Please refer to the link below for the detailed REM explanation:

  • Q17: How to calculate the “Time Slept” shown in the Sleep mode?
  • Q18: How to shut down the power of Q-Band / Q-Watch?
    • Q-Band / Q-Watch is designed for 24 hours wearing. It has built-in saving power function, so it does not need to shut down the power.

  • Q19: What’s the battery life of Q-Watch when it is fully charged?
    • It can be used for more than 10 days after fully charged.

  • Q20: How many days of records can be stored?
    • 7 days,

      It has Circular Logging function: Q-Watch device will keep on recording data even if the memory has reached its limits.When the memory is full, the oldest records will be overwritten.

  • Q21: Why is the distance under Sports Mode of Q-Band/Q-Watch different from the actual distance?
    • The distance is calculated by "Steps x Step Length".

      The steps on Q-Band is calculated 2 steps when your hand swing back and forth once, and the step distance is detected by the motion sensor according hand swing speed.
      The faster you walk, the greater the lengths of your steps will be.

      However, it could be inaccurate for the number of steps and the step length due to the fact that everyone positions differently while walking or running.
      So the distance calculated by Q-Band/Q-Watch will be different from the actual distance.

      If you want to get a more accurate distance, please enable the GPS of phone when you start the workout function.
      The distance calculated by the GPS will be more accurate.

  • Q22: How to update the firmware of Q-Band / Q-Watch?
    • Q-Band / Q-Watch will automatic update online. When Q-Band / Q-Watch is connected with i-gotU Life in the first time,the app will detect the firmware of Q-Band / Q-Watch and update to the latest. Then the app will auto-detect the firmware once a week.

      i-gotU Life also provide the manually update. Please click “Menu” of the i-gotU Life (on the left top), and click “About > Check Firmware Update” to update your firmware.

      NotePlease make sure the battery is more than 75% (3 grid) before updating the firmware.

  • Q23: Why my Q-Band / Q-Watch has been continuing vibrating and displaying the UV alert?
    • When Q-Band / Q-Watch detects the UV alert, it would vibrate to remind user of doing some proper sun-blocking.

      If you have been continuing staying in the environment which is up to UV alert, Q-Band / Q-Watch will vibrate every one minute to remind you.

  • Q24: How to correctly measure UV level?
    • UV level would be inaccuracy due to the angle of the sunlight and the residence time.

      We suggest our user to make the display of Q-Band / Q-Watch horizontal and face up to the sunlight and stop moving for around 3 seconds.It would be more accurate.

  • Q25: Why the i-gotU Life app pop the notification problem message when I use the OPPO phone?
    • A25:

      If you are using the OPPO phone, and you have enabled the notification setting,
      the i-gotU Life still shows the notification problem message, please refer to the following steps to check your phone settings.
      You have to check the ColorOS version in your OPPO phone, please go to [Settings] > [About phone] >[ColorOS version].

      [ColorOS V2.x] [ColorOS V3.x]

      Color OS v2.x:

      Go to [Security Center] > [Privacy permissions] > [App permission management], please switch to [Manage by app],
      then select [i-gotU Life], and enable the option to trust the i-gotU Life app.



      Go to [Security Center] > [Data saving], then disable the Data Saving option.
      Notice: If you enable the Data Saving option, the phone bluetooth will be turn off.


      Go to [Settings] > [General] > [Application management], you will see the [i-gotU Life] in the Running list,
      please tap the lock icon to lock this app.


      Color OS v3.x:

      Go to [Security] (For ColorOS 3.2 , please go to [Phone Manager]) on your phone, and tap [Privacy permissions] > [Startup Manager], then enable i-gotU Life App.

      Step2. ( If your ColorOS version is 3.2, please skip this step)
      Go to [Security Center] on your phone, and tap [Quick scan] to scan your phone.
      After scanning your phone,
      please tap [Security protection] > [(X)startup apps can be disallowed].
      You will see the [i-gotU Life] in the startup apps list, please do not select the i-gotU Life app.

      Go to [Settings] > [Notification & Status Bar] > [Notification manager], then select [i-gotU Life], and enable the option to allow the i-gotU Life app.

      After starting the i-gotU Life app, then long press the Recents button to show the recent apps tray.
      Please slide down the i-gotU Life app to lock it, so the i-gotU Life app could keep running in background without being cleared.

      Go to [Settings] > [Battery] > [Others], then select [i-gotU Life],
      and disable the [Freeze when in background] and [Automatically optimize when anomaly is detected].


  • Q26: How to set the Low Activity Alert function?
    • A26:

      If you would like use the "Low Activity Alert" function, your Q-Band device need to be connected with your phone. When your Q-Band device does not transfer any step to your phone during your setting duration(30 minutes~120 minutes), the i-gotU Life App will transfer the low activity alert to your Q-Band device.

      How to set the Low Activity Alert:
      1. Please tap on "Home" > "Settings", then scroll down to the button of settings page and select "Low Activity Alert" function.
      Enable "Low Activity Alert" function, then set the duration that you need.(30 minutes~120 minutes)。

      2. Please tap on "Home" > "Notification", then enable the function.
      Enable the "Custom App" option, then into the "Custom App" option to enable "i-gotU Life" app.

      Note: iOS system only need to enable the "Other App" option.


Product Installation:
  • Q1: How to install Q-Band / Q-Watch?
    • 1). Please make sure your Q-Band / Q-Watch is fully charged via USB Charging Cable when used for the first time. It takes about 2 hours before it is fully charged.
      Q-Band / Q-Watch has power protective design before the connection. It has to be fully charged; otherwise it cannot be turned on and normally used.

      2). If you are using Android phone, Q-Band / Q-Watch does support Android 4.3 and above version. Please download i-gotU Life app from Google Play.
      If you are using iPhone, Q-Band / Q-Watch does support iPhone 4S and above phones / iOS 7.0 and above version. Please download i-gotU Life app from App Store.
      • Please click here to see the Compatible devices.

      After that, please open i-gotU Life app and follow the Setup Wizard to pair via Bluetooth and input your basic personal information.

      1. If your phone Bluetooth cannot find Q-Band / Q-Watch, please click the Q-Band / Q-Watch button once and then back to App and scan again. If it still does not find anything , please charge your Q-Band / Q-Watch for 10 seconds to remove power protective mode... and scan again.
      2. Q-Band / Q-Watch will connect to server and check the firmware version when the Q-Band / Q-Watch has first connected with phone successfully, please make sure Wi-Fi or 3G network of your phone has been turned on.

      3). After finishing your basic personal information setting, i-gotU Life will download, analyze and sync data with your Q-Band / Q-Watch.

      Please refer to the link below for the complete installation instruction:
      For Android user:http://global.mobileaction.com/support/sub-igotU.Sports/Q60_connection.Android.htm
      For iPhone user: http://global.mobileaction.com/support/sub-igotU.Sports/Q60_connection.iOS.htm

  • Q2: How to detect your heart rate correctly on the Q-Watch HR?
    • Please refer to the following steps or video to detect your heart rate correctly.
      Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKIjV1nGULA

      1). Click the Life icon on the upper left corner to enter I gotU Life app function, select “Workout”, then select “Optical Sensor” on the option of Heart Rate Sensor.


      2). In the option of Heart Rate Sensor, please refer to instruction to wear Q-Watch HR,
      and select which mode you want to activate the optical sensor.
      We suggest to select “Sports Mode”. If you select “Sports/Daily Mode, the battery will run out of power about 7 hours.


      (3). Please refer to following steps to wear on Q-Watch HR and detect your heart rate:

      Step 1:
      Please measure 3 fingers above the wrist.

      Optical Sensor uses PPG( Photoplethysmography) technology to detect, PPG is an optically obtained plethysmogram, a volumetric measurement of an organ.
      And user should wear on the position of the capillary concentrated distribution area.
      Suggestion to wear above the wrist for 3 fingers, the heart rate detection will be more accurate.

      Step 2:
      Please adjust the metal fastening button to proper position when you wear above the wrist for 3 fingers.
      We suggest to reduce the distance between two metal fastening buttons, you may adjust 2~3 holes.

      Step 3:
      Please wear the Q-Watch HR on your wrist first, then adjust the position above the wrist for 3 fingers,
      and make sure Q-Watch HR is worm as tightly as possible on the wrist without any discomfort.

      Step 4:
      Switch Q-Watch HR to Sports mode, it will need for 10 seconds to scan, then will appear the heart rate value.
      It might be not so accurate in the beginning. If the heart rate value is too high or too low, please switch to other mode,
      and then switch back to Sports mode to scan the heart rate again.
      Please also check if you wear on the proper position and make sure Q-Watch HR is worm as tightly as possible on the wrist without any discomfort.

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