How to establish the connection between iPhone and Q-Band / Q-Watch?


(1). Please search and install i-gotU Life app from your iPhone App Store:
You may also download from our website:

(2). Please make sure your Q-Band / Q-Watch is fully charged before connecting with it.
Note: Q-Band / Q-Watch has power protective design before the connection. It has to be fully charged, otherwise it cannot be connected and prompted firmware upgraded.

(3). Please open i-gotU Life app on your iPhone, and enable Bluetooth function.

(4). First time install the i-gotU Life, please click "Yes. First Time" to start the installation.
If you have installed this Q-Band / Q-Watch with any other phone before, please click "No, Not first time"

(5). Please make sure your Q-Band / Q-Watch is fully charged when used for the first time.
It takes about 2 hours before it is fully charged.
If you select "No, Not first time", please continue to do "Check Device Status" and "Reset Device Settings"

[Check Device Status]
Please switch Q-Band / Q-Watch to Daily mode, and make sure the signal strength icon does not appear.

[Reset Device Settings]
Reset your Q-Band/Q-Watch device, please refer to the link below.

(6). Please press the button on your Q-Band / Q-Watch to turn on device and make it visible for devices scan via Bluetooth connection.
When Bluetooth searched Q-Band / Q-Watch, please click on it. It will be connected automatically.

1. If your phone Bluetooth cannot search Q-Band / Q-Watch, please click the Q-Band / Q-Watch button once and then back to App and scan again. If it still does not search anything, please charge your Q-Band / Q-Watch for 10 seconds to remove power protective mode... and scan again.

2. Q-Band / Q-Watch will connect to server and check the firmware version when the Q-Band / Q-Watch has first connected with phone successfully, please make sure Wi-Fi or 3G network of your phone has been turned on.

(7). After your Q-Band / Q-Watch and iPhone connected, please press the button on Q-Band / Q-Watch twice in 30 seconds to confirm your Q-Band / Q-Watch.

(8). When Q-Band / Q-Watch is connected, it will show its Serial Number and firmware version.

(9). Please fill your personal information when using for the first time.

(10). i-gotU Life will auto-detect the firmware of Q-Band / Q-Watch,
please click "Upgrade" to upgrade to the latest version.

(11). When upgrading the firmware, it needs to take around 10~15 minutes. Please be patient to wait and not to close the app.

(12). Q-Band / Q-Watch is set up successfully.

(13). If you would like to transfer the notification from phone to your Q-Band / Q-Watch, please click "OK" to enable the Notification function.

(14). Please click "Pair" to make sure the Bluetooth connection between Q-Band / Q-Watch and your phone.
Then the i-gotU Life app will go into the main page of the app, it will show "Connected" on the left top.
You can start to use i-gotU Life.

If your Q-Band / Q-Watch is touch screen, please continue to practice the mode switching,
please follow the steps to practice, and click "Exit" to go back to main page.