How to establish the connection between iPhone and Q-68HR device?


(1). Please search and install i-gotU Life app from your iPhone App Store:
You may also download from our website:

(2). Please make sure your Q-68HR device is fully charged before connecting with it.
Note: Q-68HR device has power protective design before the connection. It has to be fully charged, otherwise it cannot be connected and prompted firmware upgraded.

(3). Please open i-gotU Life app on your iPhone, and enable Bluetooth function.
When you install the i-gotU Life App first, the app will pop the Notification window, please tap "Allow" to continue next step.

(4). First time install the i-gotU Life, please tap "Yes. First Time" to start the installation.
If you have installed this Q-68HR device with any other phone before, please tap "No, Not first time"

(5). Please make sure your Q-68HR device is fully charged when used for the first time.
It takes about 2 hours before it is fully charged.
If you select "No, Not first time", please continue to do "Check Device Status" and "Reset Device Settings"

[Check Device Status]
Please switch Q-68HR device to Daily mode, and make sure the signal strength icon does not appear.

[Reset Device Settings]
Reset your Q-Band/Q-Watch device, please refer to the link below.

(6). Please tap the button on your Q-68HR device to turn on device and make it visible for devices scan via Bluetooth connection.
When Bluetooth searched Q-68HR device, please tap on it. It will be connected automatically.

1. If your phone Bluetooth cannot search Q-68HR device, please tap the Q-68HR device button twice and then back to App and scan again.
2. Q-68HR device will connect to server and check the firmware version when the Q-68HR device has first connected with phone successfully, please make sure Wi-Fi or 3G network of your phone has been turned on.

(7). After your Q-68HR device and iPhone connected, please tap the button on Q-68HR device twice in 30 seconds to confirm your Q-68HR device.

(8). When Q-68HR device is connected, it will show its Serial Number and firmware version.

(9). Please fill your personal information when using for the first time.

(10). i-gotU Life will auto-detect the firmware of Q-68HR device,
please tap "Upgrade" to upgrade to the latest version.

(11). When upgrading the firmware, it needs to take around 10~15 minutes. Please be patient to wait and not to close the app.

(12). Q-68HR device is set up successfully.

(13). Please continue to practice the mode switching,
please follow the steps to practice, and tap "Exit" to go back to main page.

(14). Please tap "Pair" to make sure the Bluetooth connection between Q-68HR device and your phone.
Then the i-gotU Life app will go into the main page of the app, it will show "Connected" on the left top.
You can start to use i-gotU Life.